Is Gourmet Camping Real Camping?

I love GOOD food...really good food. A campfire just makes it that much better. Why just accept beans and weenies? or dirty eggs?

you can eat really really the outdoors. i like to plan meals and wow the fellow campers. I found this cool article and related site that I'm gonna have to check out (this isn't, just a fellow camper willing to share):

I have a cook kitchen that I love. Do you cook well on your campouts?

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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

No reason not to if you are driving right into the camp site. don't know if I would want to carry all that if I was hiking a distance in to the site.

I agree. I have also backpacked deep into the woods and camped beside a lovely secluded stream, with nothing but what I could carry.

You convinced me.I know your meals are much more delectable than my trail mix and raw plants in season. Would love to go on a camping trip with you. I will carry all the food, but you will have to carry the cook kitchen on your bicycle. My rims could not handle it. I'll even do the dishes, if you cook.

My cook kitchen is incredibly heavy!!! It would topple my bicycle.

Exactly why I am carrying the food. I can hard boil some eggs in a paper bag if that will help. I'll get a big trailer we can hook onto the back of your bike. Forget about my offer to wash dishes. We will race to see who washes.

The last time I went camping, I had homemade biscuits. There isn't anything I can't fix over an openfire. hmmm never tryed to bake a cake... but I do have just the right pan.. might try that soon as the weather this spring. *smile*

Yup, everything taste better outdoor... it must be the fresh air. *smile*

I have made cakes in my dutch over. Coals on the lid, and below the pot do the trick I have also made an "oven" out of a box