I Love Camping Also . . .

But there are a few exceptions - the biggie is mosquitoes.  They eat me up.  Camping is great otherwise.  The feeling of just having to take care of basics like existence in the wild.  What a relief to not have to dust the furniture!  Or when dusting, put the knick knacks back where they were. 

Last time I camped out there was no level place to put the tent and rolling downhill became a deterrent to sound sleep that night.  We didn't set up camp until late and didn't notice the slight hill we were on.  The next day - we found a better campsite.
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Oh yes, the Women's Music Festival - it was a mind blower. My daughter and I went together. Unforgettable!

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Rain - what a camping dampener! My girlfriend and I decided to take our kids camping and it rained the whole time. The tent became waterlogged, we were all wet and miserable so we packed up and went home. I think my best camping experience lately was the Women's Music Festival in Michigan in 2000 or 2001 - what a great time that was.