Another Camping Trip and One On the Way!

I just got back from camping!
Friday we got up there and set up camp so spiffy neat, then headed back to town to have dinner with mom, then got back in time to start a fire to chill around and the girls played with glow sticks. I tried to do the tricks like this one guy, but bashed my self in the back of the head. Then I told the girls not to try it, apparently it's dangerous, but then godzilla did it and bashed herself in the face! Haha! She cried for a second, then kept playin, more carefully.

I heard somethin' moving around that night and Kev found the trash pulled around the next morning. I decided to keep the camera with me the next night, so I could use the night shot feature to see the culprit and get him on film! Hoping for a raccon! Their so cute!

Saturday ROCKED! We got up and ate oatmeal, then played at the park till lunch, then we ate burgers and hotdogs, then went down to the auditorium for herpatoligy hour and the girls saw and touched snakes and a softshell turtle. We learned alot too. Did you know all venomous snakes in MO have neurotoxins? And there are six types of meat on a turtle. Their edible! Then we went back to camp to chill for a minute before heading down to the river to swim. There was a funny guy there with his HUGE family of like ten kids and two other adults so maybe it was his family and his freinds family but he was funny. Then we got back to camp and made pork steaks with potatoe salad and noodle salad and they were juicy good! then snacks and bed.

Heard the noise again. Kev had hung the trash this time, but I heard trashbag like sounds. I got up and snuck over to the camera and turned it on. It was BRIGHT! I turned it to night shot and pointed it out the screen, but all the camera could see was the screen. The screen relected all the infrared back to the camera and didn't let enough through to see past it. (-_-) Then of course since I was up I had to go to the bathroom. So I got the keys to unlock the zipper and I heard the thing go down into the woods. When I got outside I couldn't see anything that had been moved or messed with and the trash was safely hung up untouched. I hurried to the bathroom and back, cause I was afraid of the blck bears that had recently been seen (I'm pretty sure they wouldn't attack me, I just don't want to see one that's not in the zoo) and I thought maybe the 'coon would come out all rabies mad and bite me! Haha. But uneventful trip and back to bed!

Sun went fast. I think we woke up late (^_^) yay! and then me and the girls went down and took a shower together, then came back to the site and played around with Kev trying to get the fire going. Then we cooked brats and packed up. Just as we were almost done packing the tent, before Kev and I could eat, it started raining! We "felt" it coming too cause all of a sudden this nice cool wind blew through and we looked up like "uh oh" then we decided we should hurry. Then it blew through again and we were l;ike "here it comes!" cause we knew it was imminent, but we really didn't get going like we shoulda, so it rained right after that and the girls kept eating at the picnic table like nothing was happening while Kev and I ran around throwing things randomly into the van. Then I kept trying to roll the tent which has to be rolled a certain way each time or it won't fit back in the back and then Kev took over and folded it and then I rolled it and it fit great! But Kev didn't memorize how he was folding it as he did it, so we don't know how it goes still! (^o^)// Then the rain calmed down, and we re-packed the van, and then Kev and I started to eat while the girls played with their chalk and the thunder was starting, and every clap was closer, and I was nervous then. Then the lightniing flashed and I was DONE. I ran into the van and got the girls in, and hurredly packed up the trash to GO as it started raining harder. It was still fun though.

So we got home to a couple soaked excited dogs and here I am writing it all down!

Got camping scheduled again for next weekend! w00t!! My buddy is getting to choose what ever he wants to do for Father's Day and he wants to go camping with his friends and family, so off I go again! <3 Yay!
Sioko Sioko
26-30, F
Jun 11, 2007