I wake early before sunrise.Stoke up the fire and out on the camp pot. We have a coffee maker in the camper,but something about the smell of the camp pot . Sipping that 1st cup as the sun rises. Not thinking of anything particular,just absorbing and being at peace with nature.
GreenBlueEyes GreenBlueEyes
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You are so right on that.

naked camping.. .feeling the first warm sun on the body :)

I agree. On our agenda is a secluded spot we can camp as au natural as possible. No kids now so we can just enjoy.

Yep, mine have been gone for several years now... just need to find someone more willing to go LOL.. and I'd have to be very selective, but wouldn't mind a group camp.. as in maybe 1 other couple. I know of a few places, just build your own privacy walls with the trailers LOL

With the right group of people that could be a fun experience. There are resorts near us but we prefer less orchestrated and more casual. Enjoy the small campfire and not a lot of hustle and bustle going on.

I agree with ya there... 1 or two other couples maybe... .not really into the "group" thing, but a close set of friends or two.. someone ya feel comfortable being around. and yes, somewhere with a camp fire for sure. causal is better, no hustle, no plans, no schedule...


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