One of Our Faves....

We ALWAYS have our camping gear loaded in plastic tubs, ready to go.  Anyday, anytime the mood strikes us we will just up and go! (Thats one of the biggest plusses to being us, but thats an entirely different story)  If you ask us when we will be back, the answer will always be "We'll be back when we get here and not a minute sooner!"  The kiddos and I travel literally thousands of miles  of backroads, forest service roads, and two tracks every year (50,000+ miles on the Durango the last couple of years).  We find the most awesome places just to be.  We are totally self sufficient.  We love to just be out under the stars, all by ourselves.

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8 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Wonderful! To be able to just pack up and go when the mood strikes, for as long as you'd like... such freedom! There's nothing like getting into nature and enjoying the peace and tranquility... it calms and nurtures the soul. I can't wait... we also have to wait for the warmer temperatures of May :)

So Jealous! I'm missing it TERRIBLY.

We have our back country stored in bins too, just ready for the go. Too bad my asthma is preventing me from doing anything right now. The nights are just perfect for that right now here in the south. The pollen is not helping things but I can hear my favorite waterfall calling my name...........:-(

Lucky you, being able to camp this time of year. We will have to wait until May to get back out in this part of the country.

We too have all the gear in plastic tubs, ready to go on a moments notice. We got back from vacation Thursday, and were ready to go camping Friday, unfortunately a cold front with rain came in. Did not want to do that following a sunny Florida trip. Even though I do love camping in the rain.

It is. Life has been very, very good to us.

It doesn't suck, I'll guarantee ya' that!

Its so much more than just fun, its actually a way of life!