We Have Always Camped!

My mom always knew how to have fun....... My father never went anywhere with us. He was either working or drinking beer, being his miserable self. My mom, she took us on vacations. She loved to drive. She bought a tent, a Coleman stove, a hibachi and sleeping bags and off we went. Eastern Long Island, Connecticut, Upstate NY, Montreal, Ontario, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vermont, Pennsylvania, you name it, we camped there. My brothers always put the tent up, me and mom prepared the meals. They are some wonderful memories.

As I got older, I knew I wanted to continue the tradition of camping. (besides being in the field in the Army, of course!) Starting out as a young married couple, my first husband and I bought a tent. We used it and had so much fun camping around when we could. It was the most affordable way to vacation.

When my husband and I blended our families, there were 7 of us. It was quite expensive to vacation. When we used to go to Panama City, they wanted us to rent 2 rooms. Well, that was not affordable so we went to the RV show and bought a pop up camper. I think it was the best investment we ever made. We camped, and camped and camped. We used to set up the camper, take the boat and drive the kids back and forth to school while we camped at the river. It was great. We practically raised our family in the pop up camper. Still today, the kids talk about our camping trips. I think we gave them the gift of wonderful memories.

As the kids grew, we decided we don't want all of the work the pop up entailed. We sold it for next to nothing to my little brother so he and his young family could experience the joys of camping. We bought another camper and off we went. We camped sometimes with my brother and his family and had some of the best vacations. Now that the kids are grown, we decided we wanted a bigger camper, "for us." We traded in our camper and bought a beautiful one with a slide out with more room and comfort for us. The kids were kind of pissed asking why we couldn't have one like that when they were young. We just laughed. We've worked hard and we deserve that luxury today and hope to use it in our retirement traveling throughout the country by ourselves, without the kids. Every summer we go to the beach for a couple of weeks. The kids are all welcome and they come and cycle through with the grand kids. I think it's one of the best times of the year or me. We have not been able to go camping for quite some time as we're caring for my 94 year old father in law. He is still ambulatory but there is no way he could get in and out of the camper. It's hard enough for him to get in and out of the car! So, our camper sits outside, silently waiting for the day that we can hook up and boogie on down the road into the sunset! I miss camping....................... but! We discovered backwoods camping. It's something we can do nearby. That's a story for another day.....................


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I love tent camping and go as often as I can. I have several tents for different conditions. I owned a Airstream trailer and a folding camper but I worked on them more than camped with them so they are GONE.

i did camping the last time ,about three years ago was the last time,but i did it most weekends,camping and fishing,with friends doing the bar-bi, and drinking wine from glasses ,no plastic cups,it was great fun,then i got hit by a car i got rear-ended,now i have a bad back,so i miss the camping.

It seems some of our bet memories are of camping. There's nothing like getting back to nature and spending quality time with the ones you love. No TV or other distractions. I love peeling roasted Marshmallows! <br />
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Lilt, the only thing I don't like about Savannah is how far the campgrounds are from the town. it i one of the most beautiful cities though and I love Wet Willies!

We tent camp frequently (half a dozen times a year). My son loves it, and welcomes any opportunity to do so. <br />
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When I was a kid, we camped. It was a slide in camper on my fathers old pick up truck. We would go to the state campgrounds for one weekend a year. We never set up a fire, nor cooked on a fire. We would light the Kingsford and have burgers on that. It was fun, but I always longed for tenting. <br />
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Once I was old enough to drive, I started tent camping, that is when it became fun. No grills, just cooking on the open fire. The one must have is an air mattress. My body does not tolerate the cold ground as well as it used to. Frankly, many of my better meals are while camping. Pork ribs slow smoked for eight hours, or bacon wrapped scallop and salmon slow cooked, even popcorn in a pot to go along with the smores. <br />
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How many times can you peel a large marshmellow?

Do you have kids, DeepPurple? Just take them and go! Pick a place close to home and just go for the weekend. He'll be envious of all the fun you have and want to come too. Guaranteed.

I may sleep in a tent, Drew, but I have been known to have champagne in my Coleman cooler!

I miss camping so much. Nothing quite like that campfire, roasting marshmellows and drinking a few 'hot totties'.. great memories.<br />
Thanks for sharing jojo

I love Savannah too. I love to get up on Sunday morning, sit in one of my favorite squares, and watch the ladies walk to church. I adore the hats!

No, never have. We always to go Savannah (My favorite place, BTW) but someday we hope to. We've been to Amelia Island. I also love St. Augustine.

Have you ever camped at Cumberland Island?

Haha! We've thought about it! LOL FDR Here we come! hehehe

You happy camper, you! Maybe you and Mr.Wazoo can be the campground hosts when you grow up?

Haha. When my husband and i started back country camping and hiking a couple of years ago, we bought 2 shelter halves from the Army surplus store among other things. We started out with ruck sacks on our training hikes and camel backs. We now have more sophisticated gear. LOL

I miss my tent.....I can not wait to be in it once more....

Great story Jo, thanks for sharing it! Sounds like you had a great time - hope there are many more great camping memories in the future!

Wow CPA guy! That sounds like a blast! We have our family reunions at a State Park and we rent a lodge with has everything we need for the whole fam damily! It's always great. We do it about every 2 years. Oh the food! (I'm sorry to about your wife's breast cancer). <br />
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Camping will always remain a great love of mine. Hopefully someday we can hit the West Coast. We really plan on going to Seattle next year. My husband was stationed there and he loved it. I know if I see it I will love it as well. Anyway, camping is some of the best memories I have! Thanks!

Camping has always been some great fun for me. I haven't been camping in years though....but some of my favorite memories have been made whilst camping with my best friend.

Thank you! Camping is fun and it's *never* too late to learn new ways to enjoy new adventures! I really think that with the economy, more and more people will be camping. I hope you get to experience that fun!

I can't wait! :)<br />
Very entertaining story. I never camped in a tent when I was a kid. I think it is something that would have taught me self-reliance and encouraged my sense of adventure. Oh, well. I'm teaching myself now. :)