I Love It, Too

My family always went camping.  Several years ago my husband and I started camping with a couple of other families.  It was always fun, but I really longed to be away from people that I see on a regular basis.  I've brought up the subject of going camping several times, but my husband has shown little interest. 

I'm beginning to toy with the idea of going alone.  I think I would be scared at first, but would also find it empowering. 

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I've camped alone many times. I've also camped out with several little boys, when I was the only adult. I find the the campgrounds are full of great people and lots of families. <br />
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Start planning some of your own outings, with some of your friends. Maybe he'll start joining you.

Go for it! Maybe your hubby will get the idea. Or sell it as a getaway for the two of you.