I love to be in nature.  The smell of the trees, the breeze, the birds, the whole deal.  I haven't been camping for a long time.  My goal this year is to camp at White Sands Nataltional Park.  It would be very cool to do it on a full moon night with all those mounds of white Gypsin around you, all that white!  I have been there before I went there during a spiritual journey where I first when to Chimayo a well known spiritual place.  Well, I sat in the church, check it out: and felt nothing!  When my friend and I then went to White Sands - that is when I really felt touched spiritually.  I lay down in the sands for I don't know an hour or so, it was a very moving experience. 

Before that I had camped up in Algonquin park up in Canada and surrounding areas up in Canada - that is where I am from.  I love the land, nature.  One day I will own a ranch on the outskirts of town where I am surrounded by nature! 

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love to go camping

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What a wonderful story. To be one with the land.