Any Fellow Everglades, Big Cypress Swamp Rats Out There?

Curious if there are any more Everglades, Big Cypress Swamp lovers on EP?

MtnMig MtnMig
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5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Love to get out there and bike or hike it. There's always something to see

*blush* Oh, well... heh... well, they do seem to be like, "Oh hey! Calling all skeeters! We got us a GOOD ONE here! Tell your friends, call your cousins! It's feastin' time!"<br />
<br />
Lucky me.

<br />
You are just irresistibly tasty that is the problem. They got tired on old biologist though skin and tried something more gourmet - you : )

Ah, so that's where all the mosquitoes came from this summer! They left the everglades and flew to MY BACK YARD! How lovely of them to pay me a visit... GRRRRRR :P

Alright! there is one other "swamp rat'! I posted this comment in March and you're the only reply. I'm actually going to the Everglades today to take some visiting relatives on a short tour of the Park. The mosquitoes are not bad this summer so all the more opportunities to be out there. I have some great pics of tracking trough big cypress that I'll have to add to my EP photos. Check them out this weekend.