I love the outdoors the whole thing..the sights the smells the freedom. There is nothing like it. i love the campfire and just the whole experiance.  Its amazing... how free one can feel with no walls, no phones and no bs. I was on  one camping trip with my Bff Morgana (many many moons and the racoons were so funny they kept stealing our food and then they would figure out where we put it and even got in the truck bed looking for the cooler it was really funny they were cute and were even friendly.  I miss Juniper Springs...we had a lot of fun there...a great place to swim and then the mud springs we would sneak into omg so much fun...good moments just pass by so fast...I am not sayingthe whole trip was great i mean my ex was there..and he was the most pansy male i had ever met...he could not even start a fire or put up a tent right....he hated bugs and the outdoors and whined and complained and he never swam...oh well me and Morgana made our own fun... Of course I have been camping many times since then...although now we seem to always get a cabin now a days....when you have small kids and pets it just works out better that way. But its still the same feeling of freedom....hell just thinking about it just makes me want to get rid of my phone once and and for all.....well I have to go...the phone rings...grrrrr....

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I agree completely. I love getting out and away from all the hassles that modern technology can bring. I went on a weekend trip a while back and just having those couple of days where I didn't have to worry about phone calls, emails, or text messages was great. Just able to enjoy the sights during the day and then sitting around the campfire enjoy an adult beverage at night. Good times.

LOL Yea, I know that feeling. Didn't you tell me something about the raccoons trying to take off with your best friends tent while her and her boyfriend were IN IT?????? would have loved to have been an owl in the trees THAT night LOL