The Amazing Woman In The World 1

We've been friends for a very long time. It can't denied that we're sharing secrects in life. When she fall in love i told her to choose it well, gather some more information about the guy. At first she was quite upset of what i have done. She did not even invited me to her wedding. Well it was just okey because she is my best friend. I just wanted her to be happy. But i was not mistaken she suffered from having a foolish husband. Some of our friends advice her to leave his husband but she doesnt cared to listen. She was just ignoring and i told her to pray hard. She was being called " woman of hope" because she's always hoping that someday everything will be change. In spite of abusing her verbally, hurt her, hit her  she still hoping for good. I really admire my best friend for having a gift of patience, an unfaded love. It is very rare nowadays to met a very loving woman, a faithful one. I dream that someday I'll be like my bestfriend who knows how to play game with an alien in the universe.

elizabethcantos elizabethcantos
46-50, F
Mar 6, 2010