Minus Nickelback, Hedley And Simple Plan.

I like The New Pornographers, The Headstones, The Tragically Hip, Black Mountain, Afterbeat, Spirit of the West, Anvil, Rheostatics, Hot Hot Heat, and a fantastic Montreal band called Malajube.

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Absolutely. White boy has soul hehe. And going back to that age, Joni Mitchell was phenomenal in her day.

Both of them are a little too cookie-cutter for me, but they are impressive as record-selling machines. Check out Big Wreck (just the lead singer is Canadian). If Nickelback weren't quite so focused on writing hooks and cashing in, they might've gone a more soulful direction like Big Wreck.<br />
<br />
Music without soul is just noise.

I completely agree, but I love Nickelback. What about Theory of a Deadman?