The Wedgie Police

I was just cleaning my room when someone came in and said "I'm the wedgie police her fore your kid's".My mom told her "I only have one and shes a girl""Can I see her please".Sure"My mom said "shes upstairs".OK".I heard her feet stilling up.He asked me;"YOU NEVER GOT A WEDGIE SPANKING ;TIME TO GET ONE"!Oh no I thought .He came up to me and taped my lips shut.Then he tied me upand lied me on the bed and tied me to it.He put a thong on me.He pulled my under wear all the way to the wall.Then he started to spanking me I screamed but no onencan hear it.He hung me on a hook in my room.He left me there for five hours.He took me down and untied me and ripped the tape off.Then he left.............................................After that my friend came over the same thing Happened to them we talked a bit then sleeper for the night.
wedgiegirl11111 wedgiegirl11111
13-15, F
Dec 4, 2012