All Candle Lovers Would Love These Jewelry Candles!

I'm sorry I'm not here to share a story, but I thought I'd instead share with you this awesome new business called Jewelry Candles. Not only are you getting a benefit of an awesome scented candle, but you will also receive jewelry which will be hidden in the candle.

"Jewelry Candles are hand poured high quality 100% natural soy wax candles made in the U.S. with hidden jewelry inside worth anywhere from $10 to $7500. You may get a ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, anklet, or earrings, you just never know! The candles are large 21oz and they burn anywhere from 110 to 150 hours. You burn the wax down and your jewelry is revealed. It's an awesome gift for anyone you know who loves candles and jewelry. And it's great to have in your home during this time of year because of the awesome Fall and Christmas scents we have! The candles are $24.95 each and $5.99 for shipping. Worth the price because you're getting 2 in 1 and the mystery of it is exciting!"

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Nov 27, 2012