My Candle

I lit it for a multitude of reasons… for happiness, clarity, peace, guidance…to show me the way….

My candle burned, its beautiful fire, so powerful it could take down forests yet so fragile that it could disappear, in just one breath…

My candle burned for days, uninterrupted, and while it burned, I smiled and enjoyed… the flame, the passion, the light, so strong.

My candle made me feel… feel good, feel warm, to just feel again the heat.            

Today my candle burned out, I really thought it would have burned longer, thought the wick was stronger… but it reached the end and will never return. The power, the heat, the beautiful fire... I may have another candle some day but for now, I sit, in the dark…


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8 Responses Aug 5, 2007

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funny it's from 2007 and got lost in the EP world of stories...


I got warm fuzzies just reading about the warm light! Get another one soon!

I really like this. <br />
Very powerful.

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uhhhh missed this story, glad you commented so that i could see it again, but referring me to your candle shop??? hmmm

u write so beautifuly! i could only wish my stories could sound as good.