Movie Theater Candy

Junior Mints, Reese's Pieces, Lemon Heads just to name a few.  I love to nibble on candy.  Peanut M&Ms or even better Peanut Butter M&Ms really get me going.  Right now my craze is Mike & Ike's which are basically jelly beans shaped like Good & Plentys (another favorite).

Bring me Dove's, Mr. Goodbar's or just plain old Snicker's and I'm a happy girl.

Hot Tamales are a fav...  shall I go on?



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OMG - I know it's getting off the Movie Theater theme, but those Lindor Truffles (cookies and cream are my favorite) have to be the most orgasmic chocolate experience and are better than Godiva (no kidding)

Well... hang on to your Knickers Missy....Have you tried the LINDOR TRUFFLES? They are DELIGHTFUL <br />
(unfortunately they are not a low cal / low fat treat )<br />
<br />
~ pouts & crunches carrot sticks ~

Destry Sistah - Yes. Peanut BUTTER M&Ms... I'd almost give up... emm... nevermind.<br />
<br />
They are really really good though.<br />
<br />

LOL - dyslexia working in my comedic favor once again. ha ha.<br />
<br />
Yes, MOTH BALLS - YUCK<br />
<br />

I think I just came.<br />
<br />
~ can I say that here?

Yeah - Gary... Sweets for the sweet!<br />
<br />

mmmmmm...... candy!!!!!

Oh yeah - I love anything to do with raw cookie dough. including raw cookie dough, but we are venturing out of the candy spectrum... good thing they added that at the theater.. <br />
<br />
~ someone pass the pop corn ~<br />
<br />
I need something to balance out all these sweets.<br />
<br />
~ slurps DIET Cola ~ LOL

My ultimate favorite candy to buy at the movie theatre is the<br />
<br />
<br />
Its a MUST buy everytime I go to movie theatres.

CHOCOLATE!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
And my pms is starting to kick in... give me another two days and you will want to kick me into a corner and throw chocolate bars at me to keep me away from civilized company!!!!

yummy - now i need a midnight snack... sadly, this would entail a midnight trip to the grocery store..<br />
<br />
Whah.. I want me some of that good stuff JoJo is eating...

PEANUT BUTTER M&M'S ARE MY FAVORITE! And Milky Ways and Caramel, and Chocolate (all kinds) and Butterfingers, and Cotton Candy, and Charleston Chews, Oh, the list is endless!

good food / hmmm i have to ponder that concept.. somehow my endocrinologist might not agree..<BR><BR>I LOVE LAFFY TAFFY... anything sweet. sour. chewie...<BR><BR>ooh ooh / GUMMY BEARS.. SOUR GUMMY WORMS.. <BR><BR>Come on Sara - How you doing now? <BR><BR>I want my candy and I want it now.<BR><BR>~ temper tantrums on floor ~

ARRRGHH.... Must... have.... some.... candy.....! Ha! You think I'm bad now...just give me a couple of more days for my pms to really kick in....

Here Saratogagirl.. have some MAPLE NUT GOODIES before they are all gone<br />
<br />
~ chomp chomp ~ <br />
<br />
please pass a tooth pick.

OMG... the sound of the box is making me salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs!!!!!

::shakes box::<br />
<br />
Here you go little anime girl... sweets for the sweet

Oh, wow! YES! Where are they? Please?

haha - TDK and SaraTogaChica -- I have some Jr. Mints in the freezer... <br />
<br />
want some?

Hey! darknight is supposed to be studying!

I like my curvy hips thank you very much... though I do have to 'Sweat to the Oldies' just to keep it all in check.....<BR><BR>I'm glad you are here to rag my fat A**

<br />
~ removing LLL25 from my circle of friends ~<br />
<br />
Just kidding... I don't like Salmonella.

ok.. im a freak. i dont like peanut butter. my favorite candies are twix and kit kat. at the movies though i like raisinetes