Those Who Have Heard Will Know What I'm Talking About

He always makes such pawsome music. I am always inspired by what I hear, and have finally learned to play Pulse :D When it is perfect, I will send the recorded version, and probably post it here :)

CanisLupusArctos: Thanks for being an amazing friend, and giving me the motivation and inspiration to pick up my bass again. It is an amazing feeling to Release all of the stresses of the day through your music. Truly comforting after a bad day. I look forward to much more music as time goes on :3

DieselWolfcub DieselWolfcub
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When Release is done, I'll be sure to record it for you. Your songs have a special quality to them, and I think it's knowing that you made it. See, I can play all kinds of songs... Take The Power Back - RATM, for example, but I don't know who those guys really are. I've seen pictures, that's it. But to know the artist on a personal level adds something special to it :)

Seriously, you make me feel special... :3 I never would have thought I'd have a fan, but I was wrong. :)<br />
<br />
I'm still surprised that someone wanted to actually try to play my songs! :D