The Church Feast

The church feast
The people were filling up the church. Today was a special day. Today was the feast day. Parents brought their children into the main sanctuary.  Once everyone was seated the priest started to walk up the aisle. In the front of the altar was a large pot. It was not too big but could easily hold a child of about six years old. He reached the altar and then turned around.
He looked over the congregation and announced “Today is the day we recognize the sacrifice of our young people. I know some of the kids have been looking forward for this event for the last year. Would the volunteers please come forward with at least one of your parents?”
Thirteen young girls came forward with either their mother or father at their side. The girls ranged in age from six years old to twelve years old. They all wore beautiful dresses. They all stood in front of the congregation with their parents behind them. Almost all of them knew what fate awaited them. They would be cooked up and then served to the congregation as a feast. Almost all of them wanted it. The six year old did not really know what was going on.
To volunteer for the feast you had to be at least seven years old. You could not be older then twelve years old. Many of the girls in the congregation wished they could be up there for this. Many of them had put their names in but were not picked. The names of all the six year olds were also put into a pot and one was drawn randomly. The winner was standing up front with the rest of the girls.
Once all the girls were in front of the congregation they ******** naked. They knew that they would no longer need clothing. They knew that they were now meat. The six year old was ******** by her mother. The clothing from all the girls was gathered up and then put into a large bag. These clothing would be sold at as special auction after the meal. The money raised from this sale would be then put into helping the poor.
All the girls but the six years old were then taken down the aisle. They took their places at the back of the congregation. They would stay there till the next part of the ceremony was completed.   The naked six years old was picked up by her mother. The only thing she has on was a couple of bracelets on her right wrist. Her parents thought this would help her to remain calm.  The priest released all the children five years old and younger to go to Sunday school.   
Once they were gone from the room the priest nodded at the mother. The mother took her daughter and walked around the sanctuary showing her daughter’s naked body off to all the people there. They all smiled as they looked at her. They knew that she would make a great meal. Many of them imagined biting into her *****, or carving into her ***.

The young girl looked around a little confused. She did not understand why she was naked in front of all these people. She did not understand why everyone was staring at her. She was scared.  She was presented to the priest and he blessed her. He then said “This little girl is the first to be sacrificed to us. Bring her here so we may place her in the pot to start cooking her.”
The little girl’s mother brought her forward to the pot.  The priest reached out to take the little girl but she started screaming. He smiled at the fuss she made. The little girl’s mother handed her over to the priest. He took her as she kept screaming. Then the little girl’s mother reached into the pot and splashed some water on her daughters legs hoping that would calm her down. The fire was not lit yet. Her mother then took her legs and started lowering her into the pot. The priest held the six year old under her shoulder and helped the mother lower the girl’s legs into the pot.

The little girl reached out and grabbed one side of the pot crying out “NO! NO! NO!”
                Her legs were now into the pot and she was sitting on the side of it. “It’s okay,” said the priest. “You are doing a wonderful thing for everyone here. You will make us a fine meal my dear. Your meat will taste wonderful. You will enjoy being cooked.”
Her mother said “It is almost over dear. Soon you will be in the pot, the fires will be lit, and everyone will enjoy listening to you cook. I want you to be a big girl now and slid inside the pot so we can put the lid on and start cooking you.”

The little girl was still crying. Between the priest and her mother, the little girl was fully put into the pot. As she slid into the pot her bracelets were removed from her arm.  She was now fully naked and ready to be cooked. An altar boy come over with the lid and locked it onto the pot. The little girl started to hit the lid trying to move it. The pot lid had holes in it so they could hear the little girl still crying inside.  The priest took a candle from the altar and used it to light the fire under the pot. The fire slowly warmed up the water in the pot. The heat was then cranked up.
 Inside the pot, little girl felt the heat through the water and the sides of the pot. She cried out “Mommy! Mommy! It hurts! It hurts!”
She squirmed and screamed as the heat was increasing. Her legs, ***, and ***** were now turning a bright red. She was sweating, her body trying to stave off the heat that was starting to enter. Her skin felt like it was on fire and the water started to boil around her splashing more hot water on her sensitive breasts. As it splashed onto her, she kept screaming for her mother and screaming in pain.
The dozen naked girls in the back of the room had their hands tied behind their backs by their dads. They were then lead downstairs to start cooking. Some of them would be boiled to death, like the little six years old. Some would be put into the oven after being covered with grease and seasonings. Some would be covered with oil and then grilled. They all had one thing in common; none of them would be killed before the cooking process started. 
They would all be cooked alive and it would all be recorded for the rest of the congregation. Their final moments caught on tape for the future enjoyment of all. Their final screams as they cooked to death. Some would die with little screaming as the roasted to death or boiled to death, but the ones on the grill would scream the loudest. They were the ones everyone enjoyed listening and watching the most. They enjoyed watching girls as they tried to get away from the heat of the grill.
The priest started his sermon to the people of the congregation. He spoke of sacrifice of the willing as demonstrated by the lovely girls they had seen and the dozen little girls who were now giving up their lives so that they may have the feast. The girls downstairs who were being prepared to become meat for them.  He also spoke of sacrifice by the unwilling like the naked little girl who was even now still screaming and slowly beginning to boil. Her flesh and the flesh of all the other girls would be a wonderful feast.
Soon steam started rolling out of the pot and the little girl started screaming even more. The priest and everyone there smiled as they heard the screams. In fact the priest stopped speaking so everyone could just listen to her scream as she was cooked for them. They all smiled as they listened to her scream. Many of them started drooling as the listened to her scream, even the children who were still there started drooling as the pictured the young naked six years old girl who was boiling for them.
Soon she let out one final scream and fell silent. Everyone knew that she had passed on. The lid was unlocked and removed. The priest walked over to the pot. He looked in and saw that the little girl was nothing more than meat for the feast. The priest looked at the father of the little girl and nodded. The father of the little girl and one of his fiends picked up the pot with pot holders. They slowly walked it down the aisle as everyone looked inside to see the wonderful little girl inside who had become their meat.
 The first choice of her meat would be picked by her family. Her family had already announced that they wanted her butt and a leg. The priest got the next piece of meat and he had already announced that he would take her *****. The rest would be auctioned off and the money put to helping the poor. The pot containing the naked little girl’s body was carried downstairs and final preparations were done to her.
Upstairs the priest finished up the sermon. He announced that the video tapes of the girls being cooked would be made available at no cost to the families of the girls. For the rest of congregation the tapes would be available for purchase. The money of course, would go to help the poor. Down stairs the girls were no longer alive. They were now just meat waiting to be eaten. The priest excused the congregation and they all headed out to the patio where the feast would be.
It was an enjoyable feast. The priest praised the parents of the six year old girl for raising such a tasty little girl.
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