Communion Of Lovers

Cannibalism is Communion of Lovers
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All vacation I was internated in assylum. But now I am here again.

Hahahahahahaaaa !!!

Blocked or no... ?

ok, this time no. Lets write!

Are you saying you will **** someone then eat them raw and alive after or before because that sound's hot..either way. You sound like a very interesting person what country do you live in i would like to meet you :) respect.

sure, u can meet Me.

If u want me to eat u mail, please:

I was wondering what country do you live in if you don\'t mind me asking :)

Omg! I live here! man!

Oh, sidwa , come and let me eat u. It is more nice that u can even can imagine.

Thats why the W.H. named my frens COLOS, because they call me Colonel Kurtz. And they informed me that they'll finish me the same.

Some ppl asked me for tell the tail of my sxuality life. In some public places... I dont know who they are, but they ask me for mo: story - how I to do it, etc. All I want share and exhib I write in Domine Jesu. I wouldn like to open mysel at all here - go to Domine jesu for mo:

Here I explain to you what I do that I hit so much with have chain back and buttoms of my lover and I dont hurt him too much. For save his head I say at the front his body, and one my hand I keep strong his hair near my vagina, and free hand I hit him really good. Many blood-lines appears at this time at his back and he start to smell so sweet.

If he cry to noisy I keep his mouth deep in my vagina. So... this way his head is quite safe.

And when I eat some peaces of my lover and when I hit him I like hear once upon a time in the West of Morricone. Only when I like him.

Now I got caprice to hit this man with pink eyelash - by sounds of once upon a time in the West...

As u see: this is ethical way: no crash the head, no broak the bones and no germs or hiv - I do love-work only on smooth tissues.

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