Capers! Yummy!

I love capers and add them top on my salad or mixed with pasta souce or add to my sandwiches. They are yummy all the way :)

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i think brined capers have the advantage of an almost indefinite shelf life, but the vinegar sharpens their flavor. Capers taste especially good with fish and other foods that tend to be oily or rich.<br />
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You're welcome Runnagirrl :) Bon appetie ;)

yum, tuna with capers? i'm pretty sure that's one combo i've never tried. i'll be sure to now, it sounds delicious! thanks for the idea :)

thanks for nice wishes PeacePixie, same to you :)

Thanks your comment Prairiezephyr, i will try your recipes too... bon appetite :P<br />
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Peacepixie, i feel great today, have a big smile on my face :) im glad she loved the gift and yes you should make another card good luck :)

I can absolutely imagine the capers with the tuna, I will definitely try them in my next sandwich. Many thanks Sleepless.

yep... they are good couples :) How are you PeacePixie? wife like your gift???

I put capers almost all my sandwishes... But tuna fish sandwich is fav with capers :) I also mix capers-mayonassie-chopped gherkin for a souse beside fish...

Me too, except for the sandwiches. I also put them in lemon and butter for my fish dishes, and add artichokes to the lemon/butter/caper mix for chicken or veal..., <br />
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What sandwiches do you put capers on?