I absolutely love them..But don't you think "capers" is such an archaic term? Better to say "exploits" or "adventures".



p.s. I also love the little pickled flower buds that you eat. YUMMY.

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oooohhhhh!<br />
<br />

Oh that is right, I forgot!! LOL Jackassery, absolutely!

Tomfoolery? No way. Here on EP we call that stuff jackassery.

How about, "prank' or tomfoolery? LOL Very clever Glowy! :D

Sarah - I can make things with capers that you'd be amazed at. I love 'em.<br />
<br />
Des - Apparently NOT. :-(<br />
<br />
Scooby, you're the master. I cannot hope to compete with your rhyming skills..

I burned up a shovel inside a curtain filled with tissues once and then wrote about how smokey it got. I called it he Great Draper Paper Scraper Vapor Caper.

hee hee! I love the little pickled flower buds!