I Love To

i love to do car maintance on my car . i love to learn and do oil changes , brake pads ,  flushes of the systems . today me and my fiance E  did this on my car . change brake pads in the front , flush the radiator system . it is very fun to do and a hint of **** this is my mode of transportation . today i also put in a clock , seat covers , and hub cabs . also gonna put up an decal on the back window .

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Keep us updated here as well and good luck, man!

Cool, I like compact and subcompacts, not only they are cheaper and more economical to maintain but people are more likely to tweak them for performance and / or to customize their looks (if only to shout "I have a cheap car but I don't have cheap tastes!".<br />
You should see if there's an Echo/Yaris fan club in your area and mingle.<br />
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Good luck with the fiancee and the oil change... make sure it's cool enough before working with it!

Good job, especially if you and your fiance worked together.<br />
Not only it saves money but you are more aware about how your car works and sense when something is wrong.<br />
What car is it?