Sagan And Science Saved My Soul

I'd never heard of this incredible man until a few years ago.
One night, whilst browsing through our cable TV channels, my Dad gasped.
He clicked on a show titled, 'Cosmos'.
'I loved watching this show when I was younger. I'd forgotten about this guy. Watch this, Jibs, you'll love it.'
I watched and I immediately fell in love with the words that flowed from this interesting man's mouth.

It was about this time in my life that I became heavily involved with local, mainly student, secular movements. I was also studying science for the first time at university. I encountered Sagan's 'Pale Blue Dot' shortly after his Cosmos series. I was shocked and felt like this man was articulating thoughts that I hadn't yet been able to feel. It was, dare I say, enlightening.

I've tried to adopt many of Sagan's philosophies in my little life. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with my petty issues, I watch Pale Blue Dot, or read some of my second-hand copy of Cosmos and put things into perspective. There's something incredibly beautiful and real about realising my insignificance.

For my fellow Saganites, if you haven't yet viewed this Carl-inspired video, I suggest you do:

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Watch all the other videos by the PhilHellenes guy, the one who made that one about science saving his soul. They are all, seriously, fantastic. Like... just incredible.

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I could have written the same story myself, although I found Sagan much earlier. His voice and enthusiasm were so inspiring. I still cant help to look at the stars and think that our lives of stress, hassle, greed and conformity are a waste of time and an offense to the marvelous, mysterious universe in which we live. Life could be so different, so elegant, so magical if we only remembered our position in the pale blue dot and the precious gift of being alive in such a vast universe. I'm glad that Sagan touched your soul, years after his passing.

If I did not know better, I would say that "philhellenes" was 'channeling' Carl Sagan.<br />
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It is unfortunate there is no Johnny Carson to put him into the spotlight. But perhaps Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart will do that one day.

wow i havent heard that name in a long time! when i was a kid i use 2 play w my toys in the living rm floor and my parents would watch him religously. i was 2 young to understand all i remember is his famous "billions and billions" but my parents loved him. guess i dont have anything else to say about that. just thought it was neat to hear that name again

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It is tragic that you did not hear of him until so recently... He affected a WHOLE GENERATION of people (including me!)