Carnell's Story Part 2

Riisza:Lets qo somehwhere !

Pat:Ok where you wanna go?

Nellsz:Lets go to a club

Riisza:Yea so I can dance my assz off

Nellsz:Yea lets go see if B wants to go

(Upstairs in Baby B'sz room]

Riisza:Get up Baby B (Jumpin on hisz bed]

(Bryan hits Riisza'sz leqsz and she fallsz on hisz back]

Baby B:Damn you violated

Riisza:So diid you now my leqsz hurt(Whiiniiq]

Nellsz:B wanna go to the club?

Bryan:Hellsz Yea

Riisza:Good shoppiin tiime

Nellsz:Got money

Riisza:No iimma get the clothesz wiith my good looksz (Sarcastly]

Nellsz:Ok get dressed

Riisza:Baby B wanna come?

Nellsz:Why you liike hiim so much?

Riisza:Cause he'sz the baby

Baby B:Watever

Riisza:Ok so you coming?

Baby B:Yea

(At the mall]

Riisza:Bryan do you see anything you like?

Baby B:Yea that qirl over there!

Riisza:Ok so go holla!

Baby B:Ok come wiith me(Shakiin]

Riisza:Damn! ok

(Riisza && Baby B walk over to the girlsz]

Riisza:Excuse me !

F/v:Hi can I help you

Riisza:Hii ii'm Riisza && I came over here to tell you that Bryan wants to talk to you!

F/v:Heii I'm Torii

Riisza:Heii Tori

Torii:Are you talkin about Bryan Breeding

Riisza:Yea thatsz hiim

Torii:Oh My God!I LOVE HIM !


Baby B:Damn what Riisza dont need to yell there'sz alot of qlass iin here you know!

Riisza:No shiit come here you wanted to talk to her so here you go!

(Baby B looksz at Tori]

Baby B:Hii


Baby B:Hii aqaiin


Riisza:See Bryan look what you did(helping Torii baqq iin her chaiir]

Baby B:What I do?

Riisza:You did alot!

Riisza:Torii wanna qo to meet the rest of the B5 crew


Riisza:Ok come on qiirlsz

Baby B:(Lookiin Confused]What diid I do?

(Back at the house]


Pat:Why you alwaysz screaming

Kellsz:Who are they?

Riisza:Nobody for you!

Torii:Wheresz the other two?

Riisza:Well pawsz off Nellsz hesz miinesz


Riisza:Were qoiin to the club wanna come?


(At The Club]

Riisza:Torii you know you can call Bryan Baby B!

Torii:Ok thx

Baby B:Torii wanna dance?

Torii:Sure why not

(Nellsz walksz up to Riisza]

Nellsz:Baby wanna dance?


(Riisza && Nellsz are qriindiin up on eachother on the miiddle of the dance floor]

Kellsz:Look at them

Pat:Yea I see!why you hatiin

Kellsz:Cause she isz cute and funny and real

Pat:What you mean real?

Kellsz:Just by lookiin at her you can tell she down for whatever

Pat:True am I the only one who doesn't like her here

Kellsz:What you mean B and Dustiin liikesz her too?

Pat:Dustiin lovesz her && B iisz iin love wiith her

Kellsz:Oh well we unlucky anyway(Smiirkiin]


Kellsz:Cause shesz Nellsz


Pat:Letsz get the rest of them I wanna leave!

(Back at the house]

Riisza:Isz BB iin hiisz room?


Riisza:Good for mehh


Riisza:Cause you liike to take up half the bed so iimma sleep iin there and siince he not up there iimma sleep iin there and he sleepiin on the couch!(Jokiin]

Nellsz:Naww sleep wiith mehh baby

Riisza:Diid you hear mehh you take up half the bed

Nellsz:Ok not toniiqht sleep wiith mehh(Smiiliin]

Riisza:Ok iim qoiin to sleep see ya'll iin the A.M.

(5 Miinutesz later Riisza comesz downstaiirsz wiith her Spongbob PJ'SZ && Yellow Tank Top]

Kellsz:Damn qiirl

Riisza:I dont care Kellsz look as lonq as you dont touch!

Nellsz:Haha thatsz riiqht baby

Riisza:(Leansz iin and kiissessz Nellsz]Tiime for bed

Kellsz:What no huq?

Riisza:(Leasz iin to huq Kellsz]Kellsz you could let go now!


Riisza:Let qo

Kellsz:Fiine qo wiith your booskiie!(Jokiin]

(Upstaiirsz in Nellsz room]

Riisza:You ok baby

Nellsz:Yea are you

Riisza:Yea buhh why you got that confused face?

Nellsz:Cause iim just thiinkiin

Riisza:Well dont thiink to hard your qunnxa make wriinklesz(Lauqhiin]


(Riisza fallsz asleep on Nellsz chest]

(The next morniinq]

Riisza:Damn iitsz hot

(Baby B walksz iin]

Riisza:Hei BB

Baby B:Heii Riisza good morniin

Riisza:Good Morniinqq

Riisza:You hungry BB

Baby B:Thought you'll never ask

(Downstairs in the kitchen]

Baby B:Smellsz good

Riisza:Thx heresz your plate can you take thiisz one up to Kellsz room?i'll take Dustiinsz!

Baby B:Sure no problem

Riisza:Thx love you

Baby B:(Blushiin]Love you too!

(Upstaiirsz iin Kellsz room]

Baby B:Get up Kellsz your food


Baby B:No problem

(In Dustinsz Room]

Riisza:Here Dustiin

Dustiin:Thx my anqel chef

Riisza:Thx buhh here I need to wake Nellsz up or do you wanna do iit for mehh?

Dustiin:I'll do iit

Riisza:Good thx mah Baby waking up person(Lauqhiin]

(In Nellsz Room]

Dustiin:Wake up Carnell

Nellsz:What you want?

Dustiin:Your food

Nellsz:Im good ii'm not hungry ii feel siick qo get Riisza please?


(Dustiin Briinqsz Riisza iin Nellsz room]

Riisza:what happened Nellsz?

Nellsz:I Dont Know

Riisza:Where iisz the paiin

Nellsz:In my stomach

Riisza:Probably have to shiit or throw up

Nellsz:Oh here iit qoesz

(He leans over the bed and throwsz up on the floor]

Riisza:Damn thiisz iisz bad my husband iisz siick


Nellsz:Yea problem

Dustiin:Guess not


(Riisza Walksz out the room]

Riisza:Kellsz come here please!

Kellsz:What you want biiq booty judy

Riisza:Eww iit aiint that biiq and thatsz just nasty!


Riisza:Can you qo to the store for me?

Kellsz:For what?

Riisza:M&M'sz , Miilk , Pepsii , Bread , Cereal , and Somethiinq for you!

Kellsz:Buhh your not for sale!

Riisza:Just qo

To Behh Contiinued...

Watch out for Carnell'sz Story Part 3

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