My Top 3 Hatchbacks

KIA :) KIA :) KIA :) My fav car on this planet, I'm in love with the side lines on this Picanto, I don't like the coupe version cuz this version is more hot! so that's my no.1 hatchback car. also this color looks cute on it.

Ford Ka 2002 version, my no.2 top hatchback car. I love it.

Peugeot 206, 2003-2009, my 3rd top hatchback car, I prefer this version, the coupe only.
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God MK! You are so obsessed with cars like all the guys on this planet! =P But lovely car, are we gonna use it for that trip to Cairo?

Yep lol but I like little cars and i'm not sure if a lot of guys does. and hehe yessss we can borrow my mum's Picanto :)

Or we can steal it while she is asleep! =P Adventure style!!! =D

She would understand :P