A Little Too Old?

People my age and older tell me that I'm too old for cartoons,video games, and acting like a fool. 
But When I turn around, they yelling at someone else about a stolen man, or  get  mad about spilling something on a $60 shirt that they done went to golden corrale, or went to play bassketball in.and then they ready to beat the noodles out of the first one who cracks a joke about it. (if you ask me,they too old to be doiin that). And with that said, I love cartoons, I love courage the cowardly dog, powerpuff girls, adventure time, spongebob,phineas and ferb, the little mermaid, alladin and jasmine,pokemon, and etc.... Lol  cartoons rock!!
A little to old for this kinda stuff? I dont think so.
( i like anime also. Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Ghost in Shell, and more....)
tenshilove tenshilove
18-21, F
Jun 19, 2011