Jus Love Them

i love cartoons a lot i think cartoons are better then movies and im really thank full to the american people who invented tom and jerry this is the cartoon i think which is love'd by the whole world and they are few more cartoons which i love and they are dexter's lab in this one i love dexter a lot and the next one is powerpuff girls who keeps on saving the town from mojo jojo and the next comes the swat cats they always try to save the town and the mayor and next one is johnny bravo who runs back of girls and at present i watch only one cartoon and that is oggy and the chockroches i jus love this one and in this one i love oggy's elder brother jack he is a real hero who tries to protect his brother but fails and the chockroches who jus dont stop troubling oggy let us see next which cartoon will be my favourite i think this will be the last one
guuyy guuyy
22-25, M
Mar 24, 2012