Halloween Pumpkin Masterpieces to Kick Start Some Creative Carving

I know, I know, it's still early in October, but I want to see a freakload of Halloween pumpkins this year, peeps! 

So I'm calling you out early to top the following masterpieces of the gourd.

And to, you know, point out some designs that need not be seen again anytime soon. Not because they're not great, but because I want new ones!

Just so you know, I've added five more pics, because I ain't getting enough pumpkin action -- get to work! I wanna see 'em.

Note: I avoided the pumpkins carved with stencils because I'm sick of the Yodas and Snapes and ETs that all look the same. Plus, that's just cheating -- so remember that when you feel compelled to download one of those free patterns.



Keep it up

Mmm... okay, you can stop smiling now...

From the "Before you do it, remember, cannibal pumpkins eating baby pumpkins has been done already" file:



Speaking of pumpkins that have been done before (but still make me laugh)...


Always feel free to do this, however:

Heeeeee! HEEEEEE!

I want new pumpkins! Original stuff! Like this:

And this

And I absolutely want more of this

Then again, I'll never be sad to see this 1000 times over:

Know of a pumpkin that oughta be in this list? Go ahead and post it below -- I NEED ME MAH PUMPKANS. (Or send me a message -- maybe I'll post it here!)

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30 Responses Oct 2, 2009

Where are you, Dudedrama???<br />
Off doing something fabulous, I'm sure.<br />
<br />
Thanks for leaving your posts. I hope all the newbies go and see the fun.<br />
<br />
You are missed.

Nice collection of pumpkin pictures.

Those are great. Halloween has cpme and gone and i did not carve a single pumpkin this yr......hopefully I will next yr and it can meet your high standards.

I went from Laughing to Ewww.... deffinately NOT a dull one in the bunch!! The Puking Pumpkins... morbidly are my favs! :D

This is a great post!

Alas, my kids are old enough that I have retired from the pumpkin carving business and have allowed them to take up the art. I once did an Elvis pumpkin that was pretty cool... but - because I'm a never-take-pictures kind of mom - I don't have photos. I also did Cinderella one time. And I never used stencils.

Totally inspiring. I think I will do a carving this weekend! :)

dudedrama and Jake; you are starting to make me think you are a little bored with this recommendation

It's soo great!! love it! ^^

Excellent creativity. I think my favorite is the 3 with the beer bottles and the pumpkin snowman. Very clever. Thanks for sharing :D

Those are too cool!

This is an awesome jackolatern-Thanks for sharing!

yeah, so those cannibal pumpkins are funny, but im going to do a revenge pumpkin where all of the little guys are attacking the big pumpkin. i haven't worked out logistics, but it's gonna be good. i've done some searching on the internet and haven't found anything like what i wanna do, so it should be original! yeah!

well, getting 'funky' could make whatever you do it even more, well, ghoulish. <br />
<br />
After living in my old neighborhood for 25 years, I am now in a different house in a different community. I might have to go around to my nearest neighbors and ask them what Hallowe'en is like and how many kids do they usually get. I would like to decorate and encourage children, but I also have to be careful answering the door, as I live alone and in a somewhat transient area. Perhaps I'll have to have a friend over that evening.<br />
<br />
Gee, I'm glad for the smiles of the pictures (LOVE the first one; so sinister) and the reminder of an old favorite tradition. Thanks!

awesome! double awesome for not going the stencil route....i am strictly freehand myself...;)<br />
<br />
i am inspired to carve the one i picked up just today, but afraid it will get funky before Halloween! :P

i lover your enthusiam over pumpkins !!!! i think there cool but im crap at carving them lol

i love all of these.........so cool

Hahahahaaaaaaaaa WOO! Great photos

I love these and a couple were new to me! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to work on my own pumpkin.

These are great

love the pumkins happy halloween!!

LOL GREAT pumpkins

Incredible stuff - that last one can grace my front garden all year round, as far as I am concerned!<br />
<br />
Halloween every week dudes. Love it!

awesome carving


Awsome ! :)

Some great ideas their , been a while since I have had to do one of those , thanks for sharing ....

Pumpkin cannibalism... who thinks of these things?!?!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing. I think I now have pumpkin envy.

Is the last one a pumpkin axe murderer a la Friday the 13th?<br />
<br />
I still think it is cool, I just am not 100% sure what exactly it is depicting. Awesome post here. Happy Halloween! [I can't believe its already Oct.!]

To be honest the first one is scary looking for real. Ill try but I cant carve a pumpkin to save my life !