Halloween Pumpkin Masterpieces to Kick Start Some Creative Carving

I know, I know, it's still early in October, but I want to see a freakload of Halloween pumpkins this year, peeps! 

So I'm calling you out early to top the following masterpieces of the gourd.

And to, you know, point out some designs that need not be seen again anytime soon. Not because they're not great, but because I want new ones!

Just so you know, I've added five more pics, because I ain't getting enough pumpkin action -- get to work! I wanna see 'em.

Note: I avoided the pumpkins carved with stencils because I'm sick of the Yodas and Snapes and ETs that all look the same. Plus, that's just cheating -- so remember that when you feel compelled to download one of those free patterns.



Keep it up

Mmm... okay, you can stop smiling now...

From the "Before you do it, remember, cannibal pumpkins eating baby pumpkins has been done already" file:



Speaking of pumpkins that have been done before (but still make me laugh)...


Always feel free to do this, however:

Heeeeee! HEEEEEE!

I want new pumpkins! Original stuff! Like this:

And this

And I absolutely want more of this

Then again, I'll never be sad to see this 1000 times over:

Know of a pumpkin that oughta be in this list? Go ahead and post it below -- I NEED ME MAH PUMPKANS. (Or send me a message -- maybe I'll post it here!)

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