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I used to absolutely HATE Cast Iron but then when I was first on my own my mother gave me a piece of my grandmother's cast iron set to use as my very own. I bet I didn't take that out of the cabinet for the first two to three years that I owned it because I remember growing up how big a pain in my butt it was to hand wash them but one weekend we were completely out of all the non stick pans and I didn't feel like washing them just to cook my eggs so I pulled out the pain. It was still black and shiny so I wiped it out and put my oil in there to cook my eggs. I ate my breakfast and was hooked on cast iron from there.  I went to the Lodge outlet next weekend and purchased several pieces of good quality cast iron and I continue to pick up pieces here and there at thrift stores and yard sales along the way. There are certain things that I cook in my cast iron because it just tastes better: fried chicken, okra, squash. cornbread, eggs and bacon, french toast, and peach cobbler to name a few (in my cast iron dutch oven) I think there are a few things you have to do to be happy with the cast iron. First, I think it is important with cast iron to either get one of the older ones that were made many many years ago or to purchase good quality brands because if you don't you can end up with something you aren't going to be happy with. (the older cast iron is extremely heavy.)  Second, I think it is important that you wash it after each use with a stiff brush and hot water (no soap although on the new Lodge it says after it is seasoned well a little soap won't hurt it as long as it is re-seasoned after but I ain't gonna try it.) Remember that cast iron holds heat more than other cookware, remember it is what a lot of campers use to cook over fire so adjust your temperatures accordingly. I am very happy with mine, So much in fact, that  I just bought a new smaller cast iron pan as a wedding present for someone this past week. I hope they enjoy theirs as much as I like mine. 

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Oh ya. Love camping with my cast iron pans.

I hated to hand wash the cast iron pots as a child but loved the food cooked with them. They are the best thing ever made.

One, That was exactly what I was talking about. My profile is messed up so often I am not able to use the "reply" so I have to type a new comment. Thanks for confirming that it is not only me that cannot reply to my comments.<br />
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And Wild. I LOVE ocra<br />
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Just and Student, You are missing out<br />
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Deadman, **giggles**... They do both very well..

No I say okra but my Yankee smart phone changes it to ocra unless I override it.

I've never really used cast iron but I keep hearing good things about it. I know my grandma loved hers. I may have to give it a try once I've got the funds. I do know I love my bamboo spoon and for some reason bamboo and wooden spoons are in the same category of cooking implements as cast iron for me. lol

Indeed, cast iron kicks backside! When it is well seasoned there should be really no need to wash any part of it. And for anyone who has never used a Dutch oven, if you like the CI pans, you must try a DO, you'll be hooked!

fungirlmmm: I just tried to 'Reply' to your one above (I love okra...) and I was not able to post it at all. No error message, nothing, just zero response when I hit the 'Save' button. This has been the case for me since EP's last big overhaul. In order to comment/reply to anyone else's [story] comment I have to do it under "Add your Comment" such as this was done. So I don't know what is up with that or even if it happens to other EPers.

Crisco or corn or canola.

I've always wanted to try cooking in a cast iron skillet... fried chicken and bacon and eggs would be great. What kind of oil do you use?

MMMM I just got through eating my eggs that were cooked in the cast iron. Thanks for commenting everyone. Hope you have an awesome day.

I have quite a few cast iron pieces ... I cook on a solid fuel range mostly and the cast iron is perfect for it!

I LOVE cast iron!!

Oh ya... cornbread is awesome. I use corn or canola oil on mine as well. I reseason it often.

@ Bassy....I have two bulldogs that aren't so nice but you better watch out for the dachshunds over them because they are sneaky lol.

Sure thing. i cook for everyone. My house is the one that all my friends gather at.

you will cook for me?!!!!!

Come back to the South where we know how to cook lol.

People up here have no idea about good southern fried okra.

MMM steak is delicious in it. I have a fajita skillet that I love to cook steak on.

yes, several of the pieces that I own belonged to my grandmother and I have one piece that was my maternal great grandmother's.

I love okra...<br />
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Is anyone else getting that error Sorry cannot post reply when they try to reply to people? It is annoying, but wondering if it is my phone or the Ep platform.

Love cast iron, except for a few revere ware pots I exclusively use cast iron.

Well....I'm Canadian so I don't have to worry about that crap - lol<br />
:P<br />
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I do however have a killer attack cat that would cover any intruder with hair, get between their legs threatening to trip them or perhaps cough up a hairball on them - lol

okra is the best thing in the world fgmmm...

it has other benefits too Bassy. It makes a great weapon if you do not have a gun in your house, If someone breaks in be sure you have some of the older stuff around and aim for their head, swinging it like a ba<x>seball bat, They won't get up. :)

There's one other little known benefit to cast iron.<br />
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Women are often low in iron levels and you actually pick up some from using this cookware.

MMM it just makes the food taste better for some reason. I sound like Paula Deen lol

Love my cast iron too... best eggs ever <3

i have one that cooks 1 egg its so all 6 of mine