My Face Is Erupting ..forgot To Pack My Facial Stuff For My Ghana Trip

Oh  yea, what can i say about packing all your stuff for a sudden trip? I dont really enjoy rushing things but like taking my time to plan and organize things.

I had to rush down to accra and i thought i had my facial pack with me lo, i got to my hotel and discover nothing grrrrrrrrrrr!

My body can manage to adapt to other skin care but my face, total war!   So what next?

I had to pick  new products totally different from my organic stuff....well i got this cleanser from the philipines that contains papaya.....i was hook with the papaya extract but my face has refuse to behave. For moisturizer, i was lucky to get one of L'oreal nutritive care with calcium. Pretty expensive here.....

Its lovely but a little rough during application but my skin feels smooth after....

Saw some spots two days ago.....aaachhh, dont know how long they gonna stay on my face.....

Can someone recommend any overnight spots dryer?
bukks bukks
31-35, F
Jun 11, 2011