The Teen Girl & Older Guy...

My first sexual experience was when I turned 15, my boyfriend fingered me in my room. After that day…I became obsessed with sex!! I love EVERYTHING about it.

But now that I’m 16 turning 17 later this year…things got worse. My hormones are freaking out & I love the cravings for sex. I spend hours every night watching really dirty **** online & having fantasies about those movies…! I have had sex with about 4 guys, all of them were under 20. But I watched this one **** site about teen girls & older men. Oh God that really got me wet. These experienced men ******* young teen girls in all holes, really giving it to them HARD! So I decided to get me some older men…

I still live with my parents, coz I’m in High School & 16 years old…! So this was perfect timing for me to experience sex with random stranger’s coz I was finally at the legal age for having sex. We went to South Africa for a holiday last month, while I was there I started searching their local sex & dating sites! My parents were sightseeing until early hours so I had the time & opportunity to meet someone locally! I met this one guy online, he was 38 and not bad looking. We chatted for a while & I saw he was in the same city. We were in Cape Town at that stage. We shared pics & he really got turned on by looking at my naked teen body. There’s something about a naked 16 year old girl that gets most men excited & hard!!! I asked him if he wanted to meet up. And of course he said yes. But he was afraid that I’m fake and so we had a video call the night before our meeting. I showed him my body & my little teen *****. I told him about my fantasies & how I wanted him to **** me hard!!

The next day my parents went to a wine farm outside Cape Town. I played sick, and told them I was going to hang around at the hotel just watching movies & playing games in the entertainment room. I got dressed, really sexy short skirt, nice shirt & sandals! I packed in my pepper spray, just for incase! We met at a Formula One Hotel near our hotel & he booked us in as father and daughter. I was nervous as hell. He locked the door & we chatted a bit. He asked me if I wanted to drink something to get into the mood. So I agreed. He had a bottle sherry. God it was good stuff. I had a glass & after that I really got horny! He moved over & started kissing me. He undressed me, touched my legs & boobs a lot, got my panty out & started licking me. He used his finger & mouth to really excite me. We were both undressed totally, he only had he’s socks on. I was totally naked. Then I saw his giant erected penis. My eyes almost popped out. I was use to teen boys but this was a real man. I touched his penis & started kissing it, stroking it & then sucking it. His penis really tasted good. He whole penis couldt fit in my mouth but I really tried to make it fit. I sucked him good for a while. Then he started kissing me all over my body, from my feet to my cheeks. He touched me all over. It felt so ******* good. He was on top of me & entered me bareback. I did not even think about condoms. I really wanted to use one but the moment he was on top I totally forgot about it. We started to **** me slowly in the missionary, my legs wrapped around him. He really went deep inside me. He stared to go faster & faster, I came in about 1 minute lol. He then turned me on my tummy & entered me from behind while he lay on top of me. I could feel his balls slamming against me. After about 2 minutes we did it doggy style, and he did not hold back. His hands on my shoulders, me on all fours on the bed. He ****** me pretty hard & deep. I wanted to scream, it felt like heaven on earth.

I don’t know how long the whole session was but we finished with me riding him until he gave me the signal. He turned me around quickly so that he could be on top again. He pulled out, within 5 seconds he started shooting his load of warm ***** all over my tummy, boobs & face. I just laid there, so satisfied. I started gathering all his ***** with my fingers & licked it all up. I got up & cleaned his ***** covered penis with my tongue. His *** tasted so sweet & yummy.

I went home feeling so stretched & it felt weird walking back to the hotel knowing that I have just being ****** by a total stranger 22 years older than me. He could have been my father. When I was back in the hotel room I took a shower, my tummy & boobs still a bit sticky. I came back from South Africa a real sex freak!!!

I don’t know if sex feels this great for everyone, but for a 16 year old girl…it’s like the BEST feeling ever!!!
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Im new to this site. That story is so hot am so jealous of u. Im a 22 year old girl interested in older men I really want to be ****** by an older man. Add me if u want to chat I dont know how the site works xx

Damn this story is very hot! I was wondering if you'd add me to your circle. I'm an older guy too (30), but like reading your stories :)

Very sexy.

That is quite the amazing story, So erotic. That must have been quite the feeling having him wrapped around you like that. Such a sexy story, that is a very lucky man right there to have someone as adventurous as you x3

Wow I'm 46 and loved your experience and for sharing it that was awesome I especially liked how you described has come going all over your belly t*** and face and how you like it all up and off of his penis that really made me hot you made my day thank you

Its said that if you break an egg, the chic dies, and its also said that if the bud blossoms by itself that flower is beautiful - at 16 - with the rich experiences commencing with you, sure you are destined to have wonderful experiences in s e x , and one reason why we are here is to enrich and enjoy - explore and have fantasies build your body and memoirs - You can be in touch - when you click and read my stories - of course - if you make a choice ... baby

A wonderful story, I'm glad you had a great first experience with an older man.

Tamika - thanks for your story - I'm much older than your lover, I'm 56; I recently met a woman who is 18 years my junior, nearly 38 but very sexually inexperienced. She played very hard to get the first three times I dated her. We would meet in bars and she would feel my sex on the outside of my jeans and when nobody could see she would feel inside my boxers and I think she thought I would ***, but I did not. I asked her to come back to the hotel but she said not, but she kept calling me and wanting to see me again and was always feeling my sex, even in front of other women that she knew, but she would not let me touch her. After the third time she said she would come with me and I said 'You do not have to do anything you don't want to.' She got showered and dressed in the hotel towel with her underwear underneath. I kept my boxers on and we got into bed together. She was rubbing me between my legs and wrapping her legs round me and I could feel her wet through her knickers. Slowly she took her clothes off and eventually we were both naked in bed together but she wouldn't let me finger her vagina, I could only kiss her very little breasts. She was thrusting against me and eventually I opened her legs and lowered myself onto her, my penis at the entrance to her vagina, but she said not to enter her. At least she let me feel her wetness with the end of my penis!
Then she wanted us to have a shower together and we played sexy games in the shower until it was time for her to leave, which included me soaping her anus and ******* her while she was standing under the shower.
I asked if she was a virgin and she said that she was not. The next time we met she was thrusting against me before we even arrived at the hotel and I asked if she wanted to have sex with me and she said 'yes I want you inside me' I didn't have condoms but I am vastectomised so there is *****, I told her this and she said she did not like to use condoms.
We went through the same as before and when I eventually lay between her legs I asked if she wanted me inside her. She said yes and I entered her slowly watching her face as I did so, she was tight inside and seemed to feel a lot of pain so after a while I pulled out and we slept, in the morning we had a shower together and I entered her standing up in the shower, but only for a short time.
When we met again I insisted on going down on her and she was very alarmed and uncertain about it. I got into a 69 with her and encouraged her to lick and suck me at the same time. Her ***** became very wet and this time when I entered her she had relaxed enough to take my whole penis without pain, then I felt her body fill with juices but she couldn't come, I tried so hard and moved ever way that I could but eventually I lost control and filled her with baby juice, she gasped out that it was the best feeling as I pumped the last of my ***** into her soft young body.
Love from Charles xxx

Thanks for sharing such a hot story.

My god, you have this 43 yr old rock hard. My **** is throbbing just thinking of ******* you. Friend me. Where are you from. Any plans of coming to America? Cause I have an 8 inch thick American older **** that is yearning for you.

Add me please:)

nice, i like ur story

I want to be a friend of yours - regards, pamar

Wow! Hot stuff. Add me please x

That was way too hot!! Lol you have to add me:)

You should tataly add me!

your story sound great and i wish i had the same fun as that guy gave you as its fantasy for most older guys. add me if you wish x

I love old mens too

Fantastic story x wud luv to give it to u also xxx

I wanna be ****** by a daddy!!

I'm 13 and like older guys:)

can u add me as friend

I know you do Jess;) lol

will you add me

add me

i would love to be added too.

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This is a made-up story...Never happend...hahahaha


Dude!!!! No offense, but what were yo thinking!?!? This guy was 22 years older than you! You got pregenant didn't you? Now that you have a child at 16, and this child will never know his father. And what did your parents say when they found you were pregenant??

If you are that old what site did you use. I will be 16 this year all sites i see you eed to be 18