Had Foley Put In At Hospital

I couldn't pee after having surgery on my wrist when I was 15, I ended up going home with a foley catheter and leg bag.
After about the 3rd night I couldn't take the constant erections anymore and finally *********** with the 16fr foley inserted.
I have since become addicted to using catheters and have been cathed in the emergency rooms many many times for urinary retention... nothing better than not being able to pee and having a young hot nurse shove a 18fr foley down your urethra.
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26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

What a practical joke: Foley catheter in a 15-year old boy, probably with un-subtle hints that he shouldn't **** till it's out. Argh!

Hi Khako I too have a foley catheter in and just love it although I do have an incon problem I have one in all the time and would hate to be without it. I don't care if I never take a pee again. And yes I can have sex with it in. I use a 18ch with 10ml baloon.