Permanent Foley Catheter

About 18 months ago I got really sick with a urinary tract infection and one of the symptons was that I could not pee on my own. A foley catheter was inserted in order to let my bladder drain. The doctor told me he wanted me to keep it in a week and that first day was really miserable but I managed to stick it out and went to bed that night. Eight hours later I woke up with a 2000 ml bed bag completely full. After that all of the bad reactions went away and I didn't have any trouble keeping it in for the week.

After a week they removed the catheter and I found out that I had lost all control over my bladder. If I didn't stay within five feet of a toilet I was going to be peeing in my pants. All hours of the day and night I was running for the bathroom. The doctor said to wait a few days and I would regain control. Little did he know. After a week I was back in his office still complaining about the same problems. He put a catheter back in and gave me some medication to take for two weeks. After a few days I was having such a bad reaction to the medicine that I had to quit taking it but left the catheter in for the two weeks. When it came out I was back to the same troubles. We went through this a few times and everytime the catheter was in I was leading a more or less normal life. Every time it came out I was completely miserable. I finally asked the doctor can we just quit screwing around and put a catheter in and leave it there. Much to my surprise he said it was fine by him.

Like I said that was about 18 months ago and I have been using a catheter 24/7 ever since. I go into the doctors office every three weeks and get it changed. I have had all of the usual infections from it but have learned how to control them and have not had one in months now. My bladder has shrunk to where it is next to nothing and I could not go without the catheter if I wanted to. That's OK with me however because at least for now I have no plans to stop using it. All in all I am very satisfied with the way things worked out.
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that is good to know, my doctor last month put me on a catheter a 24 French, I have now gone to a 26 and soon to a 28. my doctor is adamant about me using it. I don't take it out only to change it or to have sex with my wife. My doctors has me stretching my urethra because of some surgery he performed and it has shrunk in size, I am hopping to go to a 38 French. at what size is the spingcter stretched that it will not go back in size I also fill to a 30 cc ballon , I have to say it does not bother my bladder at all. will my bladder shrink and how long to have that happen

Do you have any idea how you got the initial urinary tract infection way back months ago? Prior to that , did you have any other urinary problems developing?

No I don't know how I got the original infection. One of lifes mysteries I suppose. I had a problem with urgency for most of my life but when I got the infection it went from an inconvenience to critical within a space of a few days.

I tried that. I have nothing against those who like them but they didn't work for me.

Wearing diapers can be nice to.