I think I'm ready for full time use. Second day wearing it to work. No discomfort, can't even tell it's there.
BigT1969 BigT1969
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

Are you using a leg bag or a belly bag? I was wearing a foley catheter for about 4 hours at work and I feeling like I had to take a ****. Did you get those feelings too? Is that what they mean by "spasms"?

It's now more than a year I'm wearing catheter almost full time. It began with few shorts period of a week, increase to a month and I'm now addicted. A day without the catheter is misery! Be careful about UTI, keep all things as clean as possible. But enjoy!

Still figuring out my schedule. I don't want to lose capacity or control. Who knows, maybe someday I'll decide that this whole thing was a stupid idea. I have no desire to do something that can't be reversed. I was thinking of going without the first week of the month to maintain bladder & sphincter tone.

Sonds like you are progressing. Now you just have to be careful not to become addicted and unable to do without.