I Like It

during the last month I found the fun of the catheter.
after 40 years in Diapers, I got a pack of 10 FullyCatheter size 14fr.
I find them very easy to insert.
by now, I used 3 of them, I change every week and keep the place clean.
the "output" go to the Diaper at Night and to my Leg Beg during the day.
ildiaper ildiaper
56-60, M
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Welcome. You should be able to go 2 weeks between changes without any problems. You might also want to try a night bag instead of a diaper. Much cleaner.

Hi brcalur
thank's for your advice.
I like diapers so I find it great to wet the diaper without control.
I have night bag's but I like the diaper more.
every morning I shower, so I keep myself clean.
during the day, I use leg beg.

I have a Night bag, I like diapers so it my choice to use diaper.
before, I used a Night bag, didn't like it.