Why I Like It Too Much

On dec. 2010, I decided to be cathed all the time. After a year having the tube almost all time, it's becomming like boring me. I've stopped few weeks early 2012, and quickly I was feeling like something is missing. Definitively, I'm better when I didn't have to run at bathroom. I was sleeping better when being cathed. So, I was back to cath after few weeks without.
Now, I'm cathed most of the time. At least for days off work, at home, with diapers. I'm sure I love the feeling of being empty, not having urges, not having to move at toilets. The night, ii's also a good time; I can sleep 10 hours strait, waking up with an empty bladder, not with a cramp and having to get up and run to void... Some sort of freedom.
Catheters are really to me the better thing I discover, with diapers.
Now happy guy I'm !
bbmichel bbmichel
41-45, M
2 Responses Oct 22, 2012

I wore cat´s for over a year with diapers and changed the size continously till I didn´t need them anymore because I became incontinent. an amazing feeling and diapers work best since without any leaks.

That's the beauty of wearing a catheter at night with diapers. No sleep interuption, just a good long sleep.