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I got into catheters years ago. I love wearing diapers and the only way to be truly incontinent is with a catheter. A catheter is much better for wearing diapers because if you pee naturally into a diaper, sometimes the diaper can't absorb it fast enough. It wasn't until recently after finding this group, that I found out it's safe to wear a catheter for extended periods. It's impractical for me to wear diapers sometime, so I use a shut-off valve. Otherwise, I use girls Goodnights diapers which are a bit of a tight fit, but are reasonably absorbent and don't show under regular clothes. Night time, I use the mega absorbent 24/7 diapers. Lucky for me, my girlfriend is totally into all the crazy stuff I'm into. She likes the idea of me being catheterized, because it essentially works as a chastity device. She hides the syringe that fills the bubble so I can't take it out myself. It will be up to her how long it stays in this time. Another benefit for me with a catheter is controlling urine flow during anal sex. When I *** anally, I **** myself uncontrollably, which can be quite messy. With the valve shut off, no more mess.

Here's an idea I had about achieving incontinence. Maybe if there are any doctors out there to answer this, would it be possible to use Botox to paralyze the muscle that controls urine flow?
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Try going for a year with a catheter draining into that diaper. After that you won't have any choice but to use a cath or diapers for the rest of your life. Of course you would have probably picked up a few bladder infections along the way also from the open draining cath.

you don't need a syringe, just cut the pipe and pull out the catheter.

I know I could do that but she's the Domme and I'm the sub so I do what she says. I'm on my 3rd day and she's showing no signs of removing it.