Bladder Rinses

has anyone have info as to do a bladder rinse or bladder enema ?
amy66 amy66
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6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

love to try that

It's incredibly sexy and the solution will help soothe your urethra in the event you get a little rough with your play. Some times a little j.o. session with a cath can leave it a little sore. I love a good saline rinse afterward to thin out the urine.

Have you tried it yet? I love the idea. It never occurred to me to fill someone's bladder with fluid. That sounds very sensual.

What would you like to know. I rinse mine out twice a day with boiled water. I feel it helps to prevent infection. Not medically approved but has been working for me for over two years.

I use steryl water and a 3 way cath. about once a month or so ... Seattle isn't very far from Bremerton ... :)

i have had lots of them but wouldnt know how to do it