Duette Catheters

Has anyone found a place yet to get these new caths? There DUETTE!!

They have 2 balloons on the cath close together with the drain hole between the 2 balloons  would love to try them out, read a few things about them and they sound great, best thing to hit the market in a long time!
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In my experience with a foley & bag, when the bag is well below my bladder, the siphoning suction action hurts inside my bladder. I think the drain holes in the cath are pulling little patches of the bladder wall in and pinching me. The duette would stop that I hope. Meanwhile I might try a "short tip" type - see my reply to corvan's comment.

I\'ve had the same experience. Usually, I keep the bag a little above my bladder....depending on the effect I want, sometimes a couple of feet. This keeps the suction from pulling on the walls of the bladder. In addition, a little back pressure keeps the bladder from clenching down so much on the balloon when it contracts...some times that gets to be a little uncomfortable.

I've been following a thread on these over at another site, I agree, they sound wonderful. So far I haven't found them available anywhere though. Can't wait to try one out!

Great to hear that others are looking for them also, If and when I find a place to buy will surly post that info! In the mean time i'm using the bard caths silicon coated 20fr and the eyes of the cath are very near the end of cath with the balloon close to the end also!! They work better than the others that are far away fro tip of cath.
Anyway the Bard work great for me, but the Duette would be fantastic!!
Let us all know if ya find any out there!
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\"the eyes of the cath are very near the end of cath with the balloon close to the end also!!\" - Think they list that type as \"short tip\", so look for that when you are ordering ...

I have several Duette caths and they are fantastic, no bladder damage at all as the dual balloons protect the bladder walls! GOOGLE IT and you will find several places to buy! No questions asked but there about $15 dollars each but worth it! Have one in for the second month,I replace each month!! There great!!!!