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Anyone Want To Swap Pee?

I have heard stories about 2 people hooking their foley catheters together and trading pee. The thought of doing this really gets me hard and would like to try doing this. I was wondering what risks there are and such. I understand that urine is sterile so it might be OK. The thoughts that would go thru your head as you feel your partner's urine filling your bladder would be pretty intense. I guess you could do a 3some this way too, or even more....  wow

j8jones j8jones 46-50, M 5 Responses Jan 12, 2010

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I have done this with another buddy...........

I to have filled with ice cold water. Some times to 750ml and I agree its amazine how slow it drains

Each person has a foley catheter in their bladder. You just hook the open ends together, perhaps with a piece of tubing for a little distance. Clear tubing would be best, as you would be able to see the flow and in which direction....

Flushing it up?

Yeah, cold water is a trip. Did you do this with a cath in?