Would Like To Try One

Since I always wet myself when I am out and about - sometimes I pee down my legs and sometimes I sit and pee through my skirt - I think it might be nice to wear a catheter so that I don't have to think about peeing at all. It sounds much more convenient to just have my pee trickling down my legs while I walk and gently soaking into my seat while I watch the film at the cinema without having to remember to pee.

I guess that just tucking the outlet into the top of my stocking should do the trick to make sure that my pee runs down my leg and I do not have any dripping between my legs.


Paulypeeps Paulypeeps
6 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I've always wanted to try something like this. Wear a full time catheter without a bad and let it drip freely down my legs. It just seems like it could be so much fun and leaving wet spots everywhere would just be a bonus! Why go to the bathroom when the whole world can be your bathroom! My tattoo artist and piercer says she knows of it being done by a few kind of extreme girls.

Yay for wetting ^_^
Catheters sure can be a lot of fun, just make sure to get really comfortable putting one in and removing it before going out in public with one. This way when you go out the first time, you will not be so sensitive to the catheter getting moved, pushed on, or tugged a little.
You will also need something to almost close off the cath, I use a plastic bic pen cap with wax poured in to fill it, then used a straight pen to make a small channel through the wax and only will drip, not squirt.
Oh and make sure to sanitize everything!

Catheters are really an intense experience and the feeling of having something there constantly is amazing.

Of course if you just plug the catheter closed and when you have to pee you could walk up to a urinal in a mens room and pee like a guy.

Ever think about going to the movie and having a partner use the other end of your cath like a straw, sucking on your bladder?

PP, you might try using a belly bag (look on web) to catch the urine. Of course, if you must pee yourself a catheter is THE way to go!!!