My Second Orange Tabby

My second orange tabby was Arthur, King of the Kittens, the once and future cat.  he was born to a stray in an acquaintance's garage one spring.  This friend was not a cat person, but wanted to find good homes for the kittens.  He brought them in his car one night to a meeting.  I looked in the box and fell in love with perky little orange guy.  Arthurjust seemed special from the start.  He was very bright and loving.   Mellow and laid back, he got along fine with my other cats.  His most mischievous act was always getting in my jewelry box and wearing my wristwatch.  I would find it all over the house at various times.  He also liked to hit the button on the clock radio in the middle of the night tp play music.  When he contacted ring worm, I had to feed him his medecine hidden in canned food.  When he was cured, he didn't like going back to dry food at all.  When a hunger strike didn't work, he developed a new strategy.  Everyday when I came home from work, I would find different cans of food by the front door or strewn thru out the house -- cans of tuna or sliced pineapple, cans of potted meat or vienna sausage -- all cat food shaped cans!  I would pick them up and put them back in the cabinet, telling him, no more canned food, Arthur.  This went on for several days.  The kicker came when I came home and found a can of tuna in my bed!  To this day, I have NO idea how he got that there!  Arthur made my life very happy for thirteen years.  I still think of him and miss him.

LunarPanda LunarPanda
66-70, F
Mar 12, 2009