I Have Had Two Orange Tabbies In the Past.

Fleurina sent me an orane tabby cat as a gift.  It made me nostalgic about the two I've had in the past.  The first one was Annie, as in Little Orphan Annie.  A classmate found her in the parking lot when she was tiny.  I took her home to my older Siamese lady.  Annie was very mellow and bright, very laid back.  Very loving.  She loved to lie on paper -- any kind of paper.  My son did an experiment of putting down smaller and smaller pieces of paper.  She would always get up and go lay down on it.  he finally stopped this test with a postage stamp! 

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2 Responses Feb 1, 2009

That is too funny - I would like to have watched that process.

Awwww... such a cute story.<br />
Lol about the postage stamp!:)