I Have Been a Cat Person My Entire Adult Life.

I have been a cat person my whole adult life, until after losing a boyfriend, I decided that I need the responsibility and companionship of a dog.  As life went on I have had several cats and only the one, until I was recently married (3 years ago) and we have accumulated a pack of rescued homeless dogs (and cats).  But my love is still for cats.  They are how I am able to relax at night and destress from my day of dealing with our 5 dogs, who are pretty well behaved, but nothing like the relaxing purr and nuzzle from a sweet kitty cat. :)  ahhh...  We have 4 cats now and I love them all so dearly!

TeeCee03 TeeCee03
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I haven't had a dog in many years, mainly b/c they do require so much more attention that a cat. They are worth the effort for sure, but demand more energy than I have nowadays. Four dogs, esp rescued ones, probably demand a lot. It's good that you and spouse can care for so many. there are SO many out there who need help. Thank goodness tho for the snuggling and purring of cats!