Help The Blue Cross

Last year we saw a sharp increase in the number of pets being brought to our centres because their owners could no longer afford to look after them. We expect more pets to lose their homes for this resson in 2010.

Please support this group and help protect the valuable work that they do. this next link is a tracker to ensure each support form filled is yald... please only usa a valid email address and uk contact number ( You will only be contacted if you wish to donate, But if not then you wont be contacted)

Please click on the above line to register your support....It wont cost you a penny but it will save our kittens, And pupies too!!!

Please, Please give your support....It will olny take you 1 minute... And cost you nothing!!!

Also you can start your own chain reaction of awareness to help us further...

Its as simple as that. but provides us with some much needed support.

Please just take a little time to do this.

Thank you so much!!

HelpTheBlueCross HelpTheBlueCross
22-25, M
Feb 16, 2010