My Love Is Unconditional

First off this is kind of hard to talk about but i need to tell my story and there isnt probably a lot of punctuation mistakes so One day when i was 12 in the middle of 5th grade me and my family went to pet Smart on Saturday to get guinea pigs for a present for me but they had dogs and i wondered over there and my family followed we were looking at them all and we found the sweetest dog she was a pit bull mix and very calm we adopted her and took her home on the way home we stopped for gas she was sitting in the back letting me pet her being sweet we made it home and my mom walked her around outside and i ran inside to get my favorite cat that i had raised since birth when he was born under my bed he is all black and is a scardy butt he only likes me and Lilly the only other pet that was in the house my mom was bringing the dog in as i was getting Moekie i know a lot about animals especially cats but i was'nt't thinking i picked my scardy butt lovable dependent cat Moekie and brought him to the kitchen holding him with the big pit bull mix dog Bella close Moekie freaked out and as i say it used my face as a tree to get away from the dog and my face and head was bleeding bad i ran into the living room and sat on the couch Lilly my other cat is orange and white came out of no where and started to scratch Bella i don't remember much after that except at some point there was a towel on my face and my mom came in with Bella on a leash and i said "Take her back." while crying and bleeding hard "Are you sure?" my mom asked  "yes yes" i said "i want the cats to like me" "Are you sure?"she asked again "yes i want the cats to like me." and my dad took her back because in my head i thought Moekie hated me now and he was my favorite animal ever it was'nt't till later when i thought about it that Moekie was a scardy butt and he was scared i also realized i was stupid carrying him in there it was my fault that was when i said "I want Bella back." but it was too late now we have 2 guinea pigs we got shortly after the incident they are in my room and 2 frogs and 1 hermit crab we still have Lilly most important of all we got another dog her name is Emma and she is a Maltese with curly hair so it isn't that long she is tiny so lilly can't decide what she is and we still have Moekie he is my most favorite cat ever i would never let him go most people can't believe it but to me it makes perfect since he sees Emma as another cat so they get along fine and he is still my favorite cat and sleeps with me and loves me and still dosn't really like anyone else in the house besides me and the pets i know what he did but he wouldn't like if i put him in the pound he wouldn't last but i would have a harder time then him so we still have him i still love her as much as i ever did and if that is not Unconditional love i don't know what is.
Moekie01 Moekie01
Jul 25, 2010