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My Little Buddy

I got this really cute cat from a friend of a friend,he was about one year old,super cute,and really fury (long haired domestic).
I brought him home and he hid under the bed for about a day,then he came out to explore me and my little apartment.
It was about a week when he gave me the "paw of trust " and closed his eyes slowly and then opened them slowly with his paw in my hand.
I knew I had his trust,and he certainly had mine.
He was Great,I lived near the train tracks near rivier des praire so I let him outside and he became an indoor outdoor cat,personally I know he loved it.
The first owners of the cat I heard had lenthy parties and when they moved they just left him behind,like he was nothing.
Anyway back to the story,We had a dummy for a neighbour a few houses down from us who complained that I should keep Buddy on a leash.
Because this guy would leave his house front door wide open,and buddy being a cat curious as usual would just wander in the neighbours house,maybe chasing a bird inside or something,and this man would chase him out with a broom.
One day I spoke with the man and he told me that Buddy would leave his Paw prints all over his big white Car,I laughed to myself when i heard this,because of several cars in the parking lot, Buddy would leave his paw prints on his car and nobody elses car.
Well I guess buddy wasn't stupid and it was his way of getting back at the man for hitting him with the broom.
I had buddy trained to ring a bell hanging by the window when he wanted to go out.But I think he had me trained to answer his beck and call when ever he rang it,clever cat he was.
One time I caught him inside a tree about 6 feet in the air waiting for birds to come and perch on a branch.I thought that this was too clever,so i called him sylvester and fetched him out of the tree because I thought it wasn't fair for the birds.

My little buddy fell very ill in the last year that I had him he was almost 5 years old then,he was actually dieing because of intestine complications,I felt so useless because I couldn't help my little buddy,I couldn't do a dam thing,I bought different foods for him,I went back and forth to the Vets with him,
they didn't know what was wrong either and it got so bad,he wouldn't eat or drink anything for weeks,finally he made these weird  sounds,I called them the pangs of death,and his eyes were getting scary and he was fat before, but now just bones and fur.
I loved him so much and there was nothing I could do,I finally gathered the strenth in myself to have him put down at the Vets,because I loved him and I didn't want him to suffer anymore.

Sorry, I'm in tears right now because I miss my little Buddy. And I ask God to look after him because he was a good cat while upon the Earth.
FurryFace FurryFace 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 10, 2012

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Awww, our pets become part of our family. I know u miss Buddy.

I love cats too and just had to have my beautiful 12 year old butterscotch & white cat Bailey euthanized after he was attacked by a feral cat in the neighbourhood. While treating his injuries, the vet also discovered he was in liver failure. I still have a 14 year old calico and she's become quite a sook since Bailey died. Pets are so non-judgemental and trusting - more so than many people. I also think they fulfill our lives and that's why God created them. God is definitely looking after your Buddy. :)

to experience a love shared and come back is wonderful really and God made him soooo Cute and he knew it and he used it at Dinner time not that he needed too , i never teased with food as i wouldn't like that myself , and Gods got Bailey covered too probably , oohh the Love

Awww that is so sad, But Buddy was loved and sounds like he had a happy life so hopefully you can find solace in that.

i hope i see him later in the after life , that would be great and i still remember the fun times we had playing hide'n'seek and stuff

lol...I thought I was the only one that played hide and seek with my cat. I would run from room to room and hide in the closet or the bathroom or behind a door and he would find me every time.........he knew all my hiding places. .....cats are fun...:)

yes they are fun , ha ha and smart too