My Night Time Kitty Adventures , From July 10 - July 11

Ooooo I just have to let this out, i am stewing and brewing about this here ...ok ...!
So last night at just after 12:20 AM as I was looking down from my balcony at the grass, we live in a moderate high rise) I noticed on the grass an animal shape. My first gut feeling was this is a cat, mayhap bc I have 3 of my own and it's not hard to tell their shape etc even from several stories up! Ok then I spotted another shape and kept on looking at this animal spectacle. Nothing special was going on, the former cat seemed actually pregnant, she had the tell tale bulge at the midsection also the way she walked, I can't say she waddled :P ( although I did, when I was in her condition :D) but you understand! The second one seemed without child and was sort of looking on at the mom to be, they were about 10 feet from each other. My mind and heart were working together and separately because when the though entered my head to try and trap the prego female. After all she would need a safe place to birth and care for babies, then I’d find good homes for them. So while I was mulling over this possibility, time was going and I saw here take off from my property toward the next building…Ok if I had any chance at all of even luring her to my carrier(with kibble and cat talk ) I had better make my move quickly. Cat #2 the non prego one also was gone. Down around my building at night there is no lighting, there is the security motion light which comes on hardly at all. And that’s about it. So I had a million reasons why not to do it and only one reason to do it, it was the right thing to do.

Armed with my ammo-cat carrier, flashlight (with sub adequate illumination), and cat kibble, I set out at night to look for one or the other cat. Strangely I felt no fear, just a sense of dogged (chalk it off to crazy lol) determination! So I basically scoured the grass near bushes and plants with light, at the perimeter of the second building is where I saw a shape of a kitty, right away it was clear it was not the prego lady! She was too lithe but what a beauty! All sleek black with a lovely arch in her back just like my girls have, med length hair and a white tuft at her neck she was so pretty, and very skittish but I was determined that she eat some kibble! As I slowly approached her she bolted away from me. This drama was unfolding at the next door building’s back parking long right by the dumpsters. I placed a tiny bit of kibble on the parking lot, here there is minimum car activity especially at past 12:30am!..Anwyas I backed off and sure enough the lovely lady made her move. By her speed of approach it was clear she was hungry. Deciding I don’t want her to be used to eating from the parking lot I placed more kibble on the grass next to a tree and backed off maybe 40 ft or more. She did come and eat ! From the distance she appeared a dark spot but I knew she was not going to be hungry and was very happy about that!

So I left her and proceeded to hunt for prego kitty! Something inside me told me that she will not be found by me, and not at that moment. I know if she close to birthing time she is looking for a nest and safe niche for her soon to be born brood! I the dark behind the neglected pool trudged precariously over the semi slanted terrain, which was not the most clever idea to navigate in the dark but I knew I was ok and my heart was leading my mind was it’s salve lol! The earth was strewn with rubbish from idiot people using the nature as a dumping site, some pipes, tires etc,..There were tree and bush branches on the dark ground and bark from trees. I shone my tiny light at the bushes in hopes of seeing the sight of two bright eyes in the night to tell me I’ve located mama  that was how I locate kitty #1 her eyes were like golden jewels in the dark!.. I did my best to spot her, but momsie was nowhere to be found! 

Ok to wrap this up, tonight I lay down a cardboard ‘nest’ with warm soft clothing in it on top of a garbage bag on the ground where I was last night near the bushes/trees behind the pool it seemed most private. I also bought a container of food and water. A second container with food and water was placed for non prego kitty near the parking lot on the grass. Then I put some food on a root of a tree right at the back of my building where I saw them last night, on the night of July 10!

Over and out, love, K.
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

thank you Breezeann! :) I sure hope so, they've not been in the nest, not sure where they mom is or the female i did get to feed on the first night.<br />
But some critters are eating up the food at all of my three 'feeding stations', hopefully it's a feline!

thank you Tekman84:)!<br />
I hope so too.<br />
Hugs, K,

Love the title and the story, now i see what you were working on. that's so cute and I hope the kitties are alright.

ps i do feel guilty for not coming out sooner and maybe would have better change of getting at the progo mom,..oh well i can not save them all...:S