I Have A Family And A Cemetery.

I currently have like 12 cats.
I LOVE them all, they're like my babies...well, 2 mostly.
There's Gavilan, Simon, SUCHI, Prego, Lucas, Fetish, MOMO, Leona, Smokey, and Bunuelo..Socks and Gris.
And there's a cemetary for the fallen comrads... :(
Probably 20 cats buried in there...RIP Fifi.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

now heres a person that loves cats :) I have 3 and its enough for me.I asked a question awhile ago,i asked how many cats do you need to be the crazy cat lady lol and i think you qualify.I think its great that you can give so many cat a good home.

wow. 12 cats? where do you keep them?<br />
you must have a house with garden or something<br />
i wonder about two names..Fetish and Socks xp